5 Must-Have Grocery Essentials for a Perfectly Stocked Pantry

We’ve all been there: You open your cupboard to grab that one missing ingredient to get dinner off the pan and onto your plate, and, to your shock and horror, it’s not there. You begrudgingly eat your dinner without it, but it’s just not the same… With our list of grocery essentials, this doesn’t have to happen again. So take note, and don’t forget to add them to your Goodfood order this week. After all, no pantry is complete without the most essential grocery items.

Sea Salt

Salt is the most basic of basic essentials and the cornerstone of flavourful meals. Less processed than table salt and a heck of a lot chunkier, sea salt is one of the oldest seasonings on the planet but still holds its own today. Add a pinch to any meal to bring out the natural flavours in the dish. You can also add salt to boiling water to get it up to temperature faster, reduce the bitterness of coffee, and even gargle with salt water to soothe a sore throat!

Bag of Goodfood sea salt

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Often affectionately known by its acronym EVOO, extra virgin olive oil is a pure, unrefined, high-quality oil known for its authentic olive flavour. Contrary to popular belief, this oil is great for cooking and frying, even at moderately high temperatures. The oil is rich in heart-healthy fatty acids and antioxidants, making it a healthier alternative to traditional cooking oils.

Higher quality extra virgin olive oil can be used as a savoury addition to dips and salads and can even replace butter or margarine as a healthier alternative in many baked dishes. One more reason to sneak an extra piece of cake after dinner!

Bottle of Goodfood extra virgin olive oil

Coffee & Tea

Thanks to our liquidy breakfast buddies, early mornings feel a little more bearable. Coffee, the universal pick-me-up in a cup, comes in too many forms and flavours to name. One of the hottest trends brewing at the moment is nitro cold brew, which offers a smoother, less acidic taste than traditional techniques. Adding nitrogen to the mix not only sounds hardcore, it also gives the coffee a smoothness and body usually associated with dark beer. Nitro cold brew coffee has to be top-quality, as every little (im)perfection is highlighted during the long brewing process.

And of course, trusty, reliable tea. The most widely consumed drink in the world, tea comes in a million varieties so just about everyone can find the flavour that suits them. Try an organic black tea for a rejuvenating morning drink, or a fruity herbal tea perfect for kicking back and relaxing after a long day. To each their own!

Bag of Goodfood herbal tea

Peanut Butter

Crunchy, smooth, delicious peanut butter. Maybe we’re just sentimental, but there’s something so nostalgic about cracking open a fresh jar and scooping out that first glob of ooey-gooey peanut butter. Enjoy on toast, in cookies, or eat a spoonful straight out of the jar (we won’t judge). Stock up on 100% natural peanut butter for an extra layer of flavour, without wasting any precious jar space for additives and preservatives. Peanuts not your thing? Try almond butter instead for a new take on a classic spread!

Jar of all natural Goodfood peanut butter

Dijon Mustard

Sweet, sour, a little bit spicy. Originating from Dijon, France, la moutarde is thicker, paler, and spicier than your standard yellow mustard. For mustard fans (we see you), there’s nothing quite like busting out the fancy dijon to bring your sandwich to the next level. Feeling even fancier? Grab your monocle and try green peppercorn mustard for a spicier sandwich topper or marinade mix.

Bottle of Goodfood dijon mustard


Try all these products and more in your Goodfood basket next week. Simply add directly from your selection page and they’ll be included in your next delivery! Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.