How to Build the Perfect Appetizer Board

From charcuterie to artisanal Canadian cheeses for every plate and palate, we’ve got the starters to get any party started. Because above all else, the Holidays are made for eating!

The good news is that it’s so easy. The best approach to building an appetizer board to instantly impress all your guests is to offer the perfect variety. A little hot, a little cold, a little sweet, a little salty – the mix is bliss.

Beef up your board by adding a selection of fresh fruit, veggies, olives and nuts to go with the traditional selection of cheeses and meats. Or take it to the next level with a warm dip or hot appetizer bites.

Chef’s Tip: Create Contrasts

One of the keys of pro cooking is to create delicious contrasts in every dish. The same is true for appetizer boards! Serving salty charcuterie? Add sweetness with balsamic glaze. Serving soft cheeses? Add the crunch of crackers or nuts. And nothing is quite as satisfying as the crisp freshness of a local grown cocktail cuke dunked into creamy warm spinach dip.

Some Must-haves for a Memorable Holiday Appetizer Spread

Grape Tomatoes
Small size, big flavour! These greenhouse grown grape tomatoes are fresh, sweet, and a colourful addition to any appetizer board.

Colossal Stuffed Olives
Colossal in name AND in impact in your Holiday spread! These oversize olives are filled with pepper paste and brined with garlic and herbs.

Gourmet Clothbound-Aged Cheddar Cheese
No wonder this artisanal Canadian cheddar is so delectable – it’s aged for 12 months in cheesecloth, giving it the perfect sharpness and bite.

Red Wine Rosette de Lyon
Take a French classic (saucisson) and flavour it with another French classic (wine). What do you get? A handmade delicacy that’s simply magnifique on any charcuterie platter.

Balsamic Glaze
This sweet ’n’ sour reduction has all the charms of balsamic vinegar, but better. Dip in cubes of sharp cheese to see what we mean!

Cocktail Cucumbers
It’s a general rule that miniature versions of things are instantly cuter! These perfectly dippable cocktail cukes add both style and crunch.

Formaggio Con Noci

Made under the Tuscan sun, this wedge of firm Italian sheep’s milk cheese is dotted with crunchy walnut pieces for texture.