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  • The Food She Desired

    The Food She Desired

    Melissa, a new teacher who’s still learning about herself, is suddenly trapped by the grips of desire, thanks to her co-worker’s Goodfood lunches. Desperate to uncover the secret of his gastronomical ways, she finds herself on a journey of evolution and self-discovery. Find out which path she takes in, The Food She Desired.   Click […]

  • Love at First Bite

    Love at First Bite

    To the outside world, Ira has it all: a busy, high-flying law career, a doting boyfriend, and a beautiful house in the city. But after just one poutine bite from Goodfood, her whole life has been called into question. Suddenly, she has no idea who she is. Will Ira commit to a new life of […]

  • The Temptation of Fast Groceries

    The Temptation of Fast Groceries

    Newly single Zoe is bored with it all. Bored with her job, her now ex-girlfriend, and most of all— the food in her fridge. In pursuit of something exciting for her growling tummy, a sudden Hot Beef Fondue revelation from Goodfood turns her entire world upside down. Will she give up her Goodfood dreams to […]