COOKING GOALS with Mitch Marner

That feeling of scoring a pivotal goal in a huge arena with thousands of fans watching is one Canadian hockey player Mitch Marner is no stranger to. But scoring goals doesn’t just happen without hard work and discipline. It starts with giving the body the fuel it needs to get that puck in the net, whatever it takes.

An important step in Mitch’s recipe for success on the ice has been cooking healthy, well-balanced meals from our Clean15 plan. The Toronto native recently shared on Instagram: “Eating after practice is key for athletes, and @goodfoodca gets it. Their Clean15 menu has high-protein, low carb options ready in 15 minutes so I can refuel ASAP and get on with my day.”

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a must for professional hockey players to both physically and mentally prepare for competition. However, with hectic schedules full of gym sessions, practices, games, and travel, it can be challenging to find the time to prepare nutritious meals. Since its launch in January 2019, our fitness-focused Clean15 plan has gained popularity amongst all types of athletes — and it’s no surprise as to what has them hooked:

Healthy meals that are planned out for you ✅
Pre-chopped fresh ingredients ✅
No-hassle delivery right to your door ✅

Clean15 is a no-brainer solution for busy athletes, to help them sustain their active lifestyles and perform when it counts.  

To reach #cookinggoals status like Mitch and other pro athletes, check out what’s coming up on our Clean15 menu and let us know if you try it out!