COOKING WITH THE KIDS: Family Fun with Our Goodfoodies

Imagine getting home from work and stepping into your kitchen to start preparing dinner for the family, only to find your kids cooking up a Goodfood storm…

Sounds like a dream, right? Well, for some of our members, it’s a reality!

For others, Goodfood is helping to get their kids interested in learning how to cook, meal prepping, and healthy eating – all essential life skills that will pay dividends over and over again. Even families with younger kids are collaborating on the recipe steps together, making the cooking process easier and faster, and ultimately turning cooking dinner into quality, family time.

Read on to see what members shared with us when it comes to cooking with the kids!


“What I love most about our experience with Goodfood is that my teenage son has taken a keen interest in learning to cook. Once he saw the recipe cards and how easy they were to follow, he wanted to do his share in making the meals with me. He is now showing an interest in trying different kinds of vegetables and food combinations – a parents’ dream come true! So not only does Goodfood deliver excellent quality and healthy food, it has also sparked an interest in healthy eating for my child and has turned cooking into a fun family activity.” – Eric

“My 15 year old absolutely loves picking the meals weekly and then getting dinner started before I get home from work.”  – Alison

“Being a single mom with teenagers, it’s nice to save time. And my 14 year old often starts the meal before I make it home, so she can be in time for basketball practice, bonus!” – Josee

“Really enjoying the convenience and quality of the food. So great for each family member to grab a bag and have a turn cooking supper.” – Jody

“Our 11 year old daughter has become the master chef of the house as a result of our order taking the pressure off her parents while adding immensely to her confidence. I couldn’t recommend Goodfood more!” –Deborah

“Being previously a take-out family, Goodfood has changed our whole dinner experience and we look so forward to every meal. Each meal is easy to prep and delicious that often my 13 year old puts them together for the family!” – Susan

“I’m a single dad with two teenagers. My kids now are eating healthy and cooking together. I love the changes Goodfood has brought to our house!” – Scott

“It’s a great way to get children to help with meals, clear instructions and all items provided.” – Dave

“The whole family enjoys the cooking, kids are helping and it’s done within no time. Love it!” – Laeticia

“Goodfood has changed my life. No more “what’s for dinner” and so little time spent in the grocery store. It’s also made it so that my kids have started cooking! A win win all around!” – Julie


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