Guest Post: Got Milk?

Who doesn’t love the full-bodied creaminess of milk? A glass of cool milk with PB & J for breakfast. Ah… pure nostalgia.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the ‘Got Milk?’ ad campaigns, promoting the goodness in milk and its calcium content vital for bone growth and development. But did you know the acidity in milk actually leaches calcium out of our bones, possibly leading to osteoporosis with long term consumption?

So what’s a good dairy substitute, you ask? Almond Milk!

If you think you don’t like almond milk but have only tried the ones from the store, I reckon you give almond milk another try. Store bought almond milk just doesn’t compare to homemade almond milk. Because homemade almond milk doesn’t have emulsifiers like carrageenan that alters the sweet and nutty flavours of pure almonds. After I started making my own at home, I can’t turn back to boxed almond milk ever again.

Let me teach you how to make almond milk in a few easy steps! If you want to impress your friends with some fancy dairy-free milk, check out my Lavender Almond Milk Recipe on Rosy Cheeks Project.

Lavender Almond Milk | Rosy Cheeks Project

Almond Milk Recipe (4 servings)

What you’ll need:

+ nut bag or cheese cloth
+ any food blender (even a hand blender works is fine)


+ 1 cup of nuts (My favorites are: almond, cashews, and hemp seeds)
+ 4 cups of filtered water


+ Soak your nuts for 8 hours or overnight
+ Throw in nuts and water together in a blender
+ Strain nut pulp in nut bag

Now you’ve made fresh, home-made nut mylk!

If you’re still unsure on how to make it, check out this video tutorial on how to make almond milk.

Jollia Fung, Rosy Cheeks ProjectJollia is passionate about nutrition, crazy about whole foods, and is always on the hunt for healthy recipe inspirations. She’s also the blogger at RosyCheeksProject where she writes about optimal gut health and shares her favourite gut-healthy recipes. You can catch her in action on Instagram (@rosycheeksproject) or see what’s brewing in her kitchen at

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