Heirloom month @ Culiniste

Ahhh August is finally here! Balmy summer nights, time off work, and what gets me really excited: some of the most beautiful vegetables of the year.

To help you live this month to the fullest, we’ll be featuring one dish each week that celebrates a gorgeous heirloom vegetable.

The bulk of supermarket fruits and veggies these days are hybrid varieties designed to make them more robust to transportation and increase their shelf life. Unfortunately, these commercial advancements have often been carried out with little attention to the flavour and aroma of the produce we end up bringing home to our families.

In response, some smaller farms are leading the revival of heirloom fruit and vegetable varieties: varieties that are grown from seeds passed down from generations, grown on a small scale using traditional techniques, with the sole purpose of harvesting the most delicious produce possible.

We hope you’ll enjoy the diverse colors, bright flavors, rich nutrition and fascinating history that heirloom vegetables have to offer. Check out the first recipe here: Glazed heirloom carrots

Happy cooking,

Jonathan Ferrari, co-founder