How to season to taste.

Would you believe me if I told you that seasoning to taste is in fact the most impactful skill in the kitchen? Yes, that simple step that’s so easily overlooked is actually more important than any knife skill or plating ability! It’s what separates the average home chef from the ones that are always being talked up by their friends and family – but with a little love you’ll see just how easy it is to perfectly season a dish!

When we write recipes, we know that your tomato may be sweeter than the one we had in the test kitchen, your pan may have a heavier bottom, and the flame on your stove might be stronger – so you’re really the only one who knows just how much seasoning will make your meal mind blowing.

Remember, we aren’t trying to make anything taste salty! Proper seasoning is meant to bring out the natural flavours of foods. Here’s how to do it: taste your recipe often throughout the cooking process, add a small amount of salt and pepper, then repeat as needed. Be sure to work in small increments, and really notice the difference before and after the added seasoning! You’ll know you’re done when your taste buds start to jump, and you’ve gone too far if the salt becomes a separate flavour in the dish.

What are your tips for perfect seasoning?

Jonathan Ferrari, co-founder