Tired of asking, “is it done yet?”
Tired of asking, “is it done yet?”

Let’s face it, one of the most difficult parts of cooking is getting that perfect doneness on meats and fish. Overcooked, they’re dry and chewy; undercooked they’re a downright health hazard. But, if you’re ready to let go of all those old wives tales on gauging doneness, we have a kitchen essential that will take the guesswork out of cooking, so you’ll never again need to ask yourself “is it done yet?”.

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Enter the food thermometer. Cast simultaneously as a tool for cooking nerds and a cop out for inexperienced chefs, the truth is, a food thermometer is the only way to cook meats and fish perfectly every time. The science behind it is really quite simple: every doneness has a corresponding temperature. Want your steak medium-rare? Pull it off the heat when it reaches 130F. That’s it! You’ve probably already noticed that we love to include specific temperatures in our recipes to help you get the best results.

Our test kitchen favors the Polder digital thermometer, because it’s easy to insert the probe while cooking, set your desired doneness and let the alarm go off when your thermal destination is reached. Use it on roasts, steaks, chicken (pieces and whole), fish (fillets, steaks and whole) – you name it! Plus, it really comes in handy when sous-vide cooking..but that’s a topic for another post!

Up your game, get your hands on the polder thermometer: Polder Original Cooking All-in-One Timer/Thermometer

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