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  • Comment utiliser 3 types d’huile de cuisson

    Comment utiliser 3 types d’huile de cuisson

    Chaque prêt-à-cuisiner Goodfood est accompagné d’une fiche recette facile à suivre et d’une liste de ce dont vous aurez besoin pour le cuisiner —comme les ustensiles, le sel et le poivre, le beurre et l’huile. On nous demande souvent quelle huile utiliser. C’est une excellente question, car il faut choisir la bonne huile selon son […]

  • How to use 3 types of cooking oil

    How to use 3 types of cooking oil

    Every Goodfood meal kit comes with a simple to follow recipe card, including a list of what you’ll need to complete the meal —like cooking utensils, salt and pepper, butter and oil. We’re often asked which oil to use. It’s a great question because different types of cooking oil are best suited for different purposes. […]

  • Le Goût Selon Goodfood Mai-Jun 2023

    Le Goût Selon Goodfood Mai-Jun 2023

  • Fascinating (Good) Food May-June 2023

    Fascinating (Good) Food May-June 2023

    Check out the May-June 2023 issue of the Goodfood magazine to: Find out what we’re doing to be better than good (to be good-er) for our customers and the planet (pages 4-5) Kick of BBQ season with our guide to the ultimate Father’s Day cookout (pages 2-3) Learn what we did to anger a local […]

  • La joie du souper

    La joie du souper

    On ne se le cache pas, l’heure des repas est une source de stress pour plusieurs. La planification, l’épicerie, la préparation… disons-le, c’est épuisant! Plus de 80 % des canadiens ne savent pas ce qu’ils vont manger quand vient 16 h — un point de stress au quotidien. Avec la routine qui reprend à l’automne, […]

  • The Joy of Dinner

    The Joy of Dinner

    Let’s face it, mealtime can be stressful for some.  Having to plan, shop and prepare for dinner is exhausting. Over 80% of Canadians don’t know what they’re going to have for dinner at 4pm everyday – that means a point of stress every day of the week.  As we head back to routine this fall, […]

  • The Food She Desired

    The Food She Desired

    Melissa, a new teacher who’s still learning about herself, is suddenly trapped by the grips of desire, thanks to her co-worker’s Goodfood lunches. Desperate to uncover the secret of his gastronomical ways, she finds herself on a journey of evolution and self-discovery. Find out which path she takes in, The Food She Desired.   Click […]

  • Love at First Bite

    Love at First Bite

    To the outside world, Ira has it all: a busy, high-flying law career, a doting boyfriend, and a beautiful house in the city. But after just one poutine bite from Goodfood, her whole life has been called into question. Suddenly, she has no idea who she is. Will Ira commit to a new life of […]

  • The Temptation of Fast Groceries

    The Temptation of Fast Groceries

    Newly single Zoe is bored with it all. Bored with her job, her now ex-girlfriend, and most of all— the food in her fridge. In pursuit of something exciting for her growling tummy, a sudden Hot Beef Fondue revelation from Goodfood turns her entire world upside down. Will she give up her Goodfood dreams to […]

  • Tacos de porc haché à la coréenne

    Tacos de porc haché à la coréenne

    Tacos de porc haché à la coréenne avec salade de chou crémeuse aux pommes et au kimchi. Les tacos à la coréenne; une tendance qui ne s’essouffle pas! Et pour cause : vous conviendrez tous que l’assaisonnement au sésame sucré et piquant de ce tendre porc haché est tout à fait à sa place dans […]

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