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What Food Emoji Are You?

Goodfood emoji filter example

Filter, filter, on IG, what food emoji will I be?

If you’ve ever scrolled through your emoji keyboard wondering which food emoji best matches your personality, have we got the Instagram filter for you! Never thought about it? There’s no time like the present to don your virtual chef’s hat and find out.


Follow these simple steps to add the filter to your Insta camera and try it out for yourself.

Instructions to add Goodfood filter >Instructions to add Goodfood filter step 2
First, open the Instagram app and go to our profile page @goodfoodca. Next, tap the filters icon (circled above) and then the ‘What Food R U?’ filter to expand. Tap the download icon (circled above) to save the filter to your camera, or tap the camera icon to the left to test it out.


Food (Emojis) for Thought

Once you’ve added the filter to your camera, it’s time to give it a whirl. Head on over to your Stories and scroll to find the filter. Don’t forget to record your results!

So you got a potato. Maybe a lemon. What does this little emoji say about your personality? Read on to find out.

broccoli emoji

Broccoli is as green as can be! Whether you know it yet or not, you have a connection with the environment and nature if you know it yet or not. Getting out into the world and connecting with all things green is what recharges your batteries. If you can help the environment along the way, well all the better! Don’t have any plant babies at home? Now just might be the time to get some!


cheese emoji

Cheese — so adaptable! Eat it fresh, fry it up, bake it, sprinkle it on veggies or top off a big bowl of pasta. Like cheese, you are versatile and adaptable to all kinds of situations. Meeting new people is a challenge you’re up for. Starting a new job is an environment you thrive in! Your friends and family love how they can count on you to enjoy whatever situation you’re put in.


carrot emoji

We all know the old adage that carrots make your eyesight better, but what if we told you the carrot emoji means you are insightful? Your friends turn to you when they need advice and can always count on you for a fresh point of view. You never struggle to see the other side of the issue in a difficult situation. Though your loved ones can always count on you to be understanding, don’t forget to stand up for yourself in the moments that matter to you most.


taco emoji

You are the taco emoji! And just like a taco incorporating a plethora of ingredients, you are a person who is multifaceted. With great talent comes great responsibility, so don’t forget to share your many gifts by sharing your skillset with your friends and family. Though some may think you lack focus, a multi-passionate personality is one that continues to gain recognition and understanding amongst millennials.


potato emoji

If you got the potato emoji, you are a grounded-person! In situations where most people may be swayed by others’ opinions, you are rock solid in your vision. You know where you want to go and why and have the inner-confidence it takes to stay the course. Though you may not gravitate to a spot in the limelight, your strong sense of self means that you have what it takes the weather the criticisms and scrutiny that comes with it. Have an opportunity in front of you? Go for it hot potato!


tomato emoji

Tomato, tom-ah-to. Like this fruit-often-considered-vegetable, you may be perceived one way but that doesn’t mean those observations are correct. Do people think you are analytical, but deep inside you prefer to let your creativity soar? Don’t let other people’s opinions of you shape your decisions. Like the oft-misunderstood tomato, people may try to label you one way, but that doesn’t mean that’s who you are. Let your inner-gut guide you and use your courage to go against the grain.


cherry emoji

Fun, adventurous, playful — just some of the adjectives used to describe you. In fashion, you love to wear bright colours and new styles, and you always receive compliments on your vibrant outfits. In your social life, you like to plan big group activities that give you a thrill! From go-karting to rock climbing to ski weekends, you love to get outdoors and get moving. Don’t forget to slow down and check-in with yourself once in a while.


hamburger emoji

Hamburgers: the universal people-pleaser. Make it vegetarian, organic, vegan, you name it, they all satisfy a burger craving. Like hamburgers, you get along with all different types of personalities, whether they be more laid back or particular about things. You also thrive in many different settings, whether it be at home, on-the-go or a more formal setting. Though you are easy to get along with, make sure those around you value you for who you are and respect your preferences, even if you are easy-going and agreeable.


lemon emoji

When life gives you lemons… Oh, you know how the saying goes! If you got the lemon emoji, one of your top qualities is your upbeat personality and positive outlook! No matter how dreary the forecast, you are always the one to point out that the sun will come out tomorrow. People are always drawn to your sunny attitude. At work, your teammates love you because of your solution-oriented attitude! Though your friends and family can always count on you as their cheerleader, don’t be afraid to reach out to them when you need their support.


spaghetti emoji

Just like the most reliable meal for a busy weeknight, a big pot of spaghetti, you are the most reliable of your friends and co-workers! From always arriving on time for a brunch date, knowing all the best car repair recommendations, who to call when you’ve lost your passport, what to do when your dryer stops working… you name it, you’re on it. Not only that, but your straightforward and uncomplicated nature also means people can trust you. Just make sure you get back just as much as you give!


avocado emoji

If you got the avocado emoji, you’re a health guru. Whether it’s taking care of your physical health by eating well and hitting the gym or your mental health by meditating or talking it out with a friend or therapist, you go through life with intention and are mindful about how your lifestyle can affect your overall well-being. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, so make sure to stay balanced by occasionally allowing yourself to take a day off.


banana emoji

For us, the banana emoji represents resilience. If you ever slip on the metaphorical banana peel, you rarely miss a step and you aren’t afraid to get back on your feet and keep going. In fact, you see each of these situations as an opportunity to learn, and in some cases, an opportunity for a good laugh! It’s great to not take life too seriously but don’t forget to let yourself feel a range of emotions.

Are you an insightful carrot? Playful cherry? Resilient banana? Tag us on Instagram with your results and don’t forget to share the fun with your friends!

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